Introducing India's 1st RUSSIAN Emulsion.

Royal quality glosses for the 'Layman's' Dwelling.

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Smart Select for your new or existing home!

Amour Colors is India's rapidly burgeoning home decor company, with a vision to become the largest and most preferred paint Company in India by 2026, is a wholly owned brand-company of M/s Southern Asiana Industrials Pvt Limited.

Amour Colors – BeTA® Emulsion is a specifically formulated combination to resist extreme temperate conditions of high humidity, heat and rainfall. BeTA® Emulsion water-based paints is the flawless way to mark a clever renovation from normal emulsions and distemper. It offers the finish of gloss-plastic paint, at a price tag that is highly affordable when compared to various emulsion and distemper brands.

It springs over 1.5 times the coverage of the normal emulsion, so you can shrink your material needs drastically. Apparently it also lasts for a minimum duration of 3 and a maximum duration of 4 years, so you’ll not have to paint your walls that often.

Amour Colors - BeTA® Emulsion delivers your loving home wall a charming emulsion gloss, creating it the picture-perfect worth for money you spend. BeTA® Emulsion delivers and opens up a wide range of shades. It’s just very simple, call us and we’ll help you out with the top 100 unique shades that are available globally. Amour Colors - BeTA® Emulsion is a unique product engineered in Russia.